European Research Area Network on Cardiovascular Diseases (ERA-CVD)

ERA-CVD is a European Research Area Network (ERA-Net) comprising 24 partners from 19 countries/regions that has been granted for funding through the current EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation ‘Horizon 2020’. It will run from October 2015 to September 2020. More


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Newsletter No. 3, August 2018

Newsletter 3, August 2018 presents achievements, activities and future plans for ERA-CVD. read more: Newsletter No. 3, August 2018.

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Preliminary Announcement: Call for Proposals for Cardiovascular Research Projects driven by Early Career Scientist.

JTC 2018

The ERA-CVD Joint Transnational Call 2018 for cardiovascular research projects driven by Early Career Scientists is closed. 18 countries participate in the JTC2018 with an approximate budget of 12 Mio Euro. If applicants may want to make themselves familiar with the full proposal template already and ahead of the official invitation you can find this document as download on this page.  read more: JTC 2018.

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Newsletter ERA-CVD January 2018

ERA_CVD Newsletter 2nd January 2018

In February 2017 ERA-CVD launched the 2nd Joint Transnational Call, titled: “Mechanisms of Early Atherosclerosis and/or Plaque Instability in Coronary Artery Disease”. The 2nd newsletter of ERA-CVD presents the 10 transnational consortia that were chosen to be funded for the next three years.  read more: ERA_CVD Newsletter 2nd January 2018.

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ERA CVD announces the launch of the first EXCELLENT PAPER IN CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH AWARD: The award will emphasize the importance of CVD and is designed as a form of support and encouragement for young researchers at the early stage of their career. read more: EXCELLENT PAPER IN CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH AWARD.

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CORBEL Open Call Logo

2nd Open Call for Research Projects

The CORBEL Open Call invites researchers to apply to access technologies and services from more than 20 facilities from 10 different research infrastructures across Europe. Selected projects will gain unprecedented opportunities to utilise a wide range of high-end technologies and services.  read more: 2nd Open Call for Research Projects.

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Corbel Logo

Platform for 13 European biological and medical research infrastructures

The CORBEL Catalogue of Services presents an overview of what kind of services (access to samples and technologies, data, tools, expertise) are offered by biomedical research infrastructures, including information on access mode, costs and contacts. read more: Platform for 13 European biological and medical research infrastructures.