Main Tasks of ERA-CVD

  • Coordination
  • Preparation and launch of joint transnational calls
  • Evaluation and proposal selection of the co-funded call
  • Monitoring and assessment of funded Projects through the co-funded call

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Consortium coordination and management
  • Multilateral communication among partners, with the EC and with external interest groups.
  • Meeting organization
  • Networking, external relations


Preparation and launch of the co-funded call (JTC2016)
  • Set-up of a Joint Call Secretariat (JCS) and all necessary tools needed for launch implementation and dissemination of the JTC 2016 on heart failure
  • Development of the call documents and decisions on related procedures    
  • Support for researchers during the application process


Evaluation and proposal selection of the co-funded call (JTC2016)
  • Implementation of the co-funded joint call
  • Coordination of the proposal selection during the two-step peer-review process
  • Funding of the best projects in accordance with the call specification will be ensured


Monitoring and assessment of the projects funded through the co-funded call (JTC2016)
  • Set of a list of indicators to monitor and assess the outputs of the co-funded joint call    
  • Follow up of the progress of the ERA-CVD co-funded projects
  • Assessment of the achievements of the ERA-CVD co-funded projects with regard to their proposed working plan


Communication, exploitation and dissemination of results from the co-funded projects (JTC2016)

Communication and dissemination of results of the co-funded call JTC2016 to four groups: 

  • the scientific community (including clinicians)
  • programme owners and managers across Europe
  • policy makers on national and European levels
  • the general public

These target groups will be approached using means and instruments that overcome both geographic and cultural boundaries, namely, Internet-based tools, such as ERA-CVD webpages and social media as well as designated newsletters, leaflets and press releases.


Implementation of non-co-funded Joint Transnational Calls on Cardiovascular Diseases Research (JTC2017, JTC2018 and JTC2019)
  • JTC2017: “Mechanisms of early atherosclerosis and/or plaque instability in Coronary Artery Disease”
  • JTC2018: “Transnational Cardiovascular Research Projects driven by Early Career Scientists”


Monitoring and assessment of ERA-CVD activities and of the non-co-funded projects
  • to monitor and evaluate the operational processes underlying ERA-CVD activities
  • to follow the progress of the projects funded under the scope of the ERA-CVD non-co-funded JTCs
  • to assess preliminary outcomes of the JTC2017 and JTC2018 funded projects with regard to their proposed working plan


Communication, exploitation and dissemination of results from non-co-funded projects (JTCs 2017- 2019)
  • to bridge over the information gap between cardiovascular research and the general public
  • to report to the public on the outcome of their tax-payer investment
  • to increase public awareness of the importance of cardiovascular research and facilitate public support to its funding
  • to disseminate ERA-CVD activities and accomplishments within the scientific community
  • to report to policy makers (European, national) about the achievements of ERA-CVD
  • to circulate information on ERA-CVD to program owners and managers who are not partners in ERA-CVD


Network and scientific research priorities
  • identifying the scientific research priorities in CVD research by a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA)
  • Research needs for ERA-CVD calls will be gathered from consultation with experts and relevant stakeholders
  • In collaboration with the European Society of Cardiology, the CardioScape2 project database will be adjusted and updated, in order to remain a useful online tool for the CVD community in Europe and to avoid duplication of efforts in CVD research and mapping
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Data Sharing will be addressed to encourage data sharing of CVD research projects and point out IPR issues in a workshop
  • a sustainability plan for activities beyond ERA-CVD will be developed to ensure a strategic research funding policy for the future