Early Career Scientists

EPCA – The excellent paper in cardiovascular research award.

ERA CVD announces the launch of the first EXCELLENT PAPER IN CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH AWARD: The award will emphasize the importance of CVD and is designed as a form of support and encouragement for young researchers at the early stage of their career. The ERA CVD partner organizations issue this award to recognize the most remarkable and outstanding scientific publications by young researchers in the field of cardiovascular research.

From right to left: Dr. Irit Allon work package leader of the activities for early career scientists, the awardee Dr. Shashi Kumar Gupta and Dr. Wolfgang Ballensiefen ERA-CVD coordinator.

EPCA is given to a young researcher for an excellent publication in the field of cardiovascular research.

The winner of the first EPCA call is Dr. Shashi Kumar Gupta from the Institute of Molecular and Translational Therapeutic Strategies in Hannover Medical School, Germany. The winning paper Quaking Inhibits Doxorubicin-Mediated Cardiotoxicity Through Regulation of Cardiac Circular RNA Expression was published in “Circulation Research” on November 2017.

The EPCA ceremony took place at the ESC congress in Munich on August 27 2018.